FORM SSA-711 03-2005 PROCESSING LIMITATIONS A Request for information CANNOT be processed for INDIVIDUALS WHO DIED BEFORE NOVEMBER 1936. OMB NO. 0960-0665 REQUEST FOR DECEASED INDIVIDUAL S SOCIAL SECURITY RECORD Use This Form If You Need 1. Request for photocopy of Original Application for Social Security Card SS-5. Enter 27. 00 if SSN of deceased individual is provided. 00 See instructions below SSN Search required. Complete as much information as possible in Blocks 4 and 5 if the deceased...
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Ah hello everybody oh I think I cut my head off here it's Shana here I wanted to report something very interesting that I had discovered while I was working on my passport application and I've written it out so that there's a line a train of thought because from this an application when you complete an application it has something that says I certify this is true and to the best of my knowledge and then it goes to some agency typically something that is related to the IRS and the US incorporation well an application maybe becomes a record so through the Freedom of Information Act Mahmut I think that was passed in 1960 I'll look that up I mean I'll put that in the description but an application becomes a record and there were two documents that I'm trying to order which I'm not being granted access to I think it has something to do with the Obama administration I may have had a red flag put on my name probably thanks to the Zurich US Embassy but I'm trying to order a certified copy of the application that's actually my computer just turned on all by itself I'm trying to order a certified copy of the SS - Python which is when social security number was applied for and it's to order a certified copy because an application when certified becomes a certificate so an application becomes a record until it's pulled and ordered as a certified copy and then it becomes a certificate now you can take that certificate and authenticate it like who would authenticate the this who authenticates the Social Security application for a Social Security number because that's issued by the IRS there's the Social Security Administration so it's a federal entity then I would authenticate that by the secretary of state and then with that authenticated I guess it would be John Kerry who would authenticate that certificate holding that document one becomes the holder of a perfect security interest now you need to make that past tense need to perfect it becomes an action you have a security interest in this because that's does it have your name or you just happen to be holding it you can record record that document with the UCC one financing statement at a constitutionally recognized county clerk clerk office excuse me county recorder office I just thought that was the words are coming together application record certified record ordered becomes the certificate which can be authenticated like when we authenticate our birth certificate and then you can perfect you can perfect the security interest in that document by recording with a UCC one financing statement and a constitutionally recognized County Clerk's office these are all bits and pieces I realized but later in one study it'll it'll have some relevance I'm realizing that when I tried to order my application for birth that my parents completed I think my dad completed it for me because my mom was in recovery and but I wrote to the Whiteman Royal General Hospital to try to get a certified copy of that record and I was...